Restore your Passion.


Motoring. The Way We See It.

There is something very special about sporting and touring cars of the 1950s and 1960s: A purity of purpose, a unique blend of poise and style evident in the coachwork, a lightness and eagerness to run that’s readily apparent in the stance of the car.

As such, we have chosen to focus our attention on this fecund era of motoring. It was the last time that both style and performance were mutually inclusive design and manufacturing mandates. Special attention is also given to those cars from this period that are financially attainable and reasonable to maintain: classics that deliver both a high measure of driving pleasure and the promise of value retention and appreciation.

Shared Appreciation

Our customers typically share our view. They appreciate the quiet yet confident patina of quality, style and craftsmanship unique to vintage cars from this era: a discreetly assured aura of elegance unmistakable to those who know.

And our customers also take pleasure in the fact that, unlike a securities portfolio, these satisfying investments can be taken out and enjoyed on a winding country road.

Customizing The Experience

Personal attention to a customer’s desires, needs and budget is a hallmark of the Volante Classics’ philosophy. Whether we are tasked with restoring a customer’s existing car to originality or locating and restoring a particular make and model of car to a customer’s specifications, we make every effort to work closely with the customer.

Our approach is to design an overall restoration plan, on schedule and within budget with the goal of creating a car that will exceed expectations.