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Only those cars we deem exceptional are offered for sale.

With an extensive network of friends and colleagues, Roberto converses daily with contacts in Italy, to locate potential cars. He frequently travels to Europe to evaluate each vehicle determining whether or not it meets with his highly demanding standards. Most do not. Those that do, are shipped to our shop where we complete a thorough assessment of its mechanical and electrical systems. Parts are then ordered, and installed. Rarely does it take less than several weeks to complete. All work orders and internal evaluations accompany our cars at time of delivery. We take great pride in our end products; original cars that perform at least as well as new, priced below market value of comparable cars. 

1973 BMW 2000 Touring Tii

This classic 1973 Inka Orange BMW Touring 2000 Tii series BMW comes straight from the Netherlands. A wonderful example of why BMW is an establish sports sedan. The “New class” as it became known because of the drastic changes in design establish a company that in the 50’s was going through a financial crisis. This beautiful BMW is in great conditions and was never intended for the U.S market therefore it was never officially imported to the USA. 

The Engine

All BMW engines have an overhead camshaft, inclined valves in an inverted V-arrangement, and crankshaft with five bearings. Swirl-action combustion chambers contribute to this high degree of perfection. This design isn’t just supreme performance, but also flexible engines and spare power whenever you need it. So that you have full acceleration at any speed and overtaking becomes a matter of just a few seconds.

The Chassis

Independent suspension all round, spring arms up front and inclined longitudinal arms in the back, gas pressure shock absorbers.

All BMW’s have a twin dual –circuit braking system with power assistance. Even if one circuit fails the declaration effect of the other circuit is 100% above the standard prescribed by traffic authorities.

 The Bodywork

The aerodynamic shape of the Touring was created in a wind tunnel. The outstanding features are the slanted wind screen and the “fastback”. This makes air resistance decrease, and the top speed increase, while also improving fuel consumption. BMW uses the most modern methods to counteract rust and corrosion. They use cavity sealing procedure for protecting parts of the bodywork that normally cannot be reached.

3 Door Hatchback Coupe
Manual 5 speed gear box
0 – 60 mph in 9.2 seconds
4 – cylinder, 4 stroke inline, water cooled, overhead crankshaft inclined overhead valves in inverted V arrangement with 3 hemispherical swirl-action combustion chambers, crankshaft with 5 main bearings  and 8 counter weights
Fuel injection pump: Kugelfischer PL 04 centrifugal advance
Comes with all its original papers (copy of original Dutch documents, USA title & Customs release form).  

Volante Classics currently has two very attractive examples of BMW 2000/2002 “Touring” sports coupés for sale, both imported from the Netherlands, shown here. Each car is in beautiful condition and quite collectable. Regarding the mileage for each of these cars, it is important to note that BMWs (as with many other cars of this period) were fitted with odometers that only displayed five digits. After 99,999 miles (or kilometers) were covered, the odometer would roll over back to “00000” and begin recording the second 100,000 units.

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