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Only those cars we deem exceptional are offered for sale.

With an extensive network of friends and colleagues, Roberto converses daily with contacts in Italy, to locate potential cars. He frequently travels to Europe to evaluate each vehicle determining whether or not it meets with his highly demanding standards. Most do not. Those that do, are shipped to our shop where we complete a thorough assessment of its mechanical and electrical systems. Parts are then ordered, and installed. Rarely does it take less than several weeks to complete. All work orders and internal evaluations accompany our cars at time of delivery. We take great pride in our end products; original cars that perform at least as well as new, priced below market value of comparable cars. 

1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Originally introduced in 1955, the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia was created to help beautify Volkswagens small line of cars.

Several years before the Karmann Ghia’s debut for 1955, Volkswagen had requested that Karmann design a sports car to be built over a Beetle chassis.

Karmann developed several proposals, but all of these were rejected by Volkswagen. Karmann head Wilhelm Karmann was friends with Ghia chief engineer and designer Luigi Segre. Karmann brought the Volkswagen project to the attention of Segre, who later surprised Karmann with a completed prototype styled and produced at Ghia in 1953.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the Karmann Ghia’s design, its shape proved immediately successful and enduringly beautiful. The earlier models, produced from 1955 to 1959 and now often called ‘lowlights,’ were the purest with their tiny taillights, smaller front grilles, and lower headlight mounting positions unaffected by later headlight height regulations.

Manual transmission model’s swing axles replaced by new multi-jointed rear suspension (IRS)–improves handling. Separate headrests on front seat backs. Electric rear window defroster. Convertible gets glass rear window. Gas filler on right fender’s top has remote release. Locking steering column.

Never offered with more engine than a 60-horsepower, air-cooled flat four, the Karmann Ghia simply could not accelerate like a proper sports car—and with its substantial rear weight bias, handling was never ideal. For 1967, disc brakes and a revised rear suspension endowed the Karmann Ghia with greater performance potential, but it remained the German tortoise amongst British and Italian hares. Even the ads were different. Although early sales literature used artful illustrations, during the ’60s, VW’s ad agency–Doyle, Dane and Bernbach–discarded tradition. They turned lampooning “normal” advertising into a sport.

The amazing story of this Karmann Ghia’s restoration was featured in the November of 1994 issue of Hot VW’s. Please call us at (978) 447-1669 for pricing information.

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