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Only those cars we deem exceptional are offered for sale.

With an extensive network of friends and colleagues, Roberto converses daily with contacts in Italy, to locate potential cars. He frequently travels to Europe to evaluate each vehicle determining whether or not it meets with his highly demanding standards. Most do not. Those that do, are shipped to our shop where we complete a thorough assessment of its mechanical and electrical systems. Parts are then ordered, and installed. Rarely does it take less than several weeks to complete. All work orders and internal evaluations accompany our cars at time of delivery. We take great pride in our end products; original cars that perform at least as well as new, priced below market value of comparable cars. 

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce

Exceptional example of an original, unrestored GTV. Interior is complete; seats, door panels, dashboard and carpeting all in exceptional shape. Body has original sheet metal in near perfect condition with no evidence of rust. Engine equipped with original Weber 40 DCOE 27 side draft carburetors. A rare find in superb, unrestored, original condition. 

·       VIN# AR250873

·       Color; Bianco Spano w/ Nero Skai

·       Engine Type; 1.6 liter, in-line four cyl., light alloy block with twin overhead cams.

·       Horsepower; 116bhp @ 6300 rpm

·       Top Speed; approximately 120 mph

·       Fuel system; naturally aspirated dual side draft Weber 40 DCOE 27 carburetors

·       Electrical system; 12 volt negative ground

·       Transmission; Manual 5 speed

·       Brake system; 4 wheel disc

·       Suspension; Independent front, coil sprung, rear solid axle.

·       Curb weight; 2240 lbs. 

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