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Only those cars we deem exceptional are offered for sale.

With an extensive network of friends and colleagues, Roberto converses daily with contacts in Italy, to locate potential cars. He frequently travels to Europe to evaluate each vehicle determining whether or not it meets with his highly demanding standards. Most do not. Those that do, are shipped to our shop where we complete a thorough assessment of its mechanical and electrical systems. Parts are then ordered, and installed. Rarely does it take less than several weeks to complete. All work orders and internal evaluations accompany our cars at time of delivery. We take great pride in our end products; original cars that perform at least as well as new, priced below market value of comparable cars. 

1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTC

Here is a very attractive example —in superb condition — of a rare Alfa sports cabriolet from the 1960s: a lovely white Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTC just brought over from Switzerland with 97,506 km showing on the five-digit odometer.

The Giulia Sprint GTC (Tipo 105.25) was a stylish cabriolet version of the handsome Guilia Sprint GT / GTV coupés. The GTC was produced from 1964 to 1966 in very limited numbers, making this specialty model quite rare today: total production of both left and right hand drive versions was only 1,000 cars (99 were made in RHD for the British and South African markets).

The cabriolet modification was carried out by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan (although the basic Guilia GT design was by Bertone). Besides the cabriolet top, a distinguishing feature is the dashboard finished in black instead of grey crackle. The model was badged with chrome script reading Giulia Sprint GTC on the trunk lid.

To restore some of the body shell rigidity lost by removing the fixed roof and rear pillars, Carrozzeria Touring added reinforcement to several areas of the body shell. Through the production life of the model, Touring, apparently in an effort to further improve the stiffening, made several modifications to the reinforcements. Despite the extra steel reinforcement, the GTC curb weight was only 2,000 lbs, contributing to its sparkling performance potential.

Of special interest is the fact that the Guilia GTC was the very last project undertaken by Carrozzeria Touring before it went out of business, making the GTC even more of a rarity in collectible vintage cars.

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